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Child Custody & Visitation

Decisions on who will serve as the custodial parent, which parent will make major decisions concerning the child's welfare, and any visitation schedule are made by a judge in the Probate and Family Court, and it is based upon the "best interest of the child". Custody of the child may be "legal" (decision making concerning the child's welfare) or "physical" (whom the child resides with), and may be "sole" (one parent) or "shared" (both parents).

Careful planning and preparation are important in a child custody and visitation matter. Attorney Timmons has over sixteen years of experience in handling matters involving child custody as well as visitation. He will ardently advocate for his client in the courtroom, but is also adept at negotiating outside of the courtroom to ensure that the child's best interests are in the forefront. His office is located in North Andover Massachusetts, and he is licensed to practice in all Massachusetts state and Federal courts.

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