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Basic Estate Planning

Though not a popular topic, estate planning is of a potential interest to most people, as it is preparation for the one's future. The laws of estate planning govern how we would like to see our property and belongings divided, as well as our preferences for end-of-life medical care and treatment.

Last will and testaments are binding documents that dictate who shall inherit your estate upon your demise. Wills may be changed, altered or amended at any point so long as you have the mental capacity to do so. You decide who your beneficiaries will be, as well as those who will execute the will.

A health care proxy is a document that identifies and authorizes an individual to make health care decisions for you, in you are unable to do so. You may grant the individual broad discretion, or dictate your wishes under specific circumstances.

A power of attorney grants an individual whom you authorize to manage your affairs and make all decisions for you when you are unable to do so, for things such as (but not limited to) paying your mortgage, health care nursing home. This power may be durable or revocable, so that it is for either a limited basis, or becomes void should you recover.

Advance directives are a recent development in the law, in direct response to the increasing number of emergency rooms that demand basic summaries of one's wishes in emergency health care. Where health care proxies were sufficient in the past, there is a growing preference from emergency room doctors who prefer a short summation of whether or not you prefer resuscitation and life saving efforts, or whether you simply wish to be kept comfortable until your passing.

Attorney Timmons has over sixteen years of experience in counseling clients on all aspects of basic estate planning. His office is located in North Andover, Massachusetts, and he is admitted to practice in all Massachusetts state and Federal courts.

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