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An “Operating Under the Influence” (OUI/DUI/DWI) charge is a very serious criminal charge. There are many consequences that may result from either a conviction or admission to an OUI charge, including consequences regarding your driver's license, increased insurance costs or possible cancellation of insurance, inability to rent a motor vehicle, possible employment consequences, and the possible loss of certifications or licensure within your profession or field of employment. It is imperative that you seek the advice of counsel IMMEDIATELY upon being arrested and charged with OUI.

Further, “Melanie’s Law” took effect on October 28, 2005, making Massachusetts a “per se” state. This means that if you take a blood or breath test, and the result is .08 or above, you will be found guilty if a jury believes that the test was conducted properly and accurately. An experienced OUI attorney can successfully defend you against malfunctioning or improperly operated and/or maintained breathalyzer machinery, poor record keeping or improperly collected samples, or other physical, medical or environmental reasons for the breath or blood test results.

The result of “Melanie’s Law” now has increased license suspension periods for breath or blood test refusals, increased waiting periods for hardship licenses, and requirements for ignition interlock devices for hardship licenses on all subsequent offenders. Only an experienced OUI attorney can assist you in fighting for the return of your driver's license, in fighting the alleged charges, and in fighting the results of a breath or blood test. Do NOT try to represent yourself!

Attorney Timmons has over sixteen years of experience representing clients charged with OUI. His office is located in North Andover, Massachusetts, and he is admitted to practice in all Massachusetts state and Federal courts.

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